Client Responsibilities

Minimal Prep

Preparation required by the resident prior to treatment:

  • Reduce clutter, if present, by clearing all rooms and floors of clutter. Clutter is the biggest obstacle to efficient elimination of bed bugs.
  • Remove any clothing that is on the floor, under furniture, or on furniture and put it directly into heavy plastic bags to be laundered.
  • Remove any trash throughout the residence by placing it directly into heavy plastic bags and taking it immediately to an outdoor trash receptacle.
  • Strip all linens from the beds and place them into heavy plastic bags for laundering.
  • Any pillows or stuffed animals that can be laundered, or at least dried on the highest heat setting, must be placed into heavy plastic bags and laundered appropriately.
  • All pets will need to be removed from the residence prior to treatment.  If fish cannot be removed, then disconnect the air pumps and cover the tanks with plastic sheeting that is tightly secured.

Note: Beds without frames, where the mattress or box spring have direct contact with the floor, complicates the treatment effort.  It is important that all sleeping areas are supported off the floor so that exclusion and monitoring devices can be employed.

Warning: Use caution when moving items. Bed bugs are difficult to detect, so movement of items could spread the infestation to other parts of the building.

Instructions for Laundering

  • Items can be laundered before, during, or immediately after treatment.  
  • Put items directly into the washer or dryer and immediately dispose of the old plastic bags in an outdoor receptacle.
  • Items should be washed and dried at the highest temperature that is safe for the material.  Once the items are dry to the touch, it is necessary that they remain in the dryer for at least 30 minutes at 120˚F to kill all living bed bugs and their eggs.  If items cannot be washed, then dry them according these instructions if the material will allow.
  • Once the items have been dried, immediately put them into new heavy plastic bags.  It is recommended that a second heavy plastic bag is used for items that will be stored long term.

Post Treatment

Resident responsibilities during and following treatment:

  • All people and pets must vacate the premises during the service and not re-enter the residence until at least 4 hours after treatment.
  • During our inspection and initial treatment, we will inspect items such as dresser drawers, curtains, and pet bedding areas for signs of bed bugs.  Additional items may require laundering or disposal.
  • When possible, items that are bed bug free should remain in sealed plastic bags to prevent potential re-infestation.
  • Return pillows and other bedding materials to the bed only after they have been laundered.
  • Do not allow any clothing, toys, or other items on the beds or furniture that may carry living bugs.
  • Do not introduce any new or used furniture, or any other potentially infested items into the residence.