Bed Bug Service

Complete Bed Bug Service provides simple, affordable, and effective bed bug elimination.

What to expect:

  • Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate.
  • A representative from Complete Bed Bug Service will come to your residence for a visual inspection.
  • Once properly identified, we can quickly implement service.   Our approach requires minimal prep*, so treatments can begin as early as the next day, and in some cases the same day. 
  • Once the initial treatments are complete, and monitoring devices are in place, we return, and continue returning, until we achieve bed bug elimination.
  • We back up our service with a 5 month guarantee**.
Also, ask about our 1 year assurance option.

A description of our treatments:

  • We specialize in a conventional Integrated Pest Management approach for bed bug elimination.  This means that the Initial Intensive Treatment will include…
  • Vacuuming all signs of bed bugs from infested areas using a powerful HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter vacuum.
  • High Heat Steam treatment of all areas where bed bugs were found or may hide.  This will kill all life stages, including the eggs.
  • Encasement of mattresses and box springs, which will provide you with immediate protection.
  • Treatment of headboards, footboards, and bed rails, as well as any infested furniture, carpet, baseboards, electrical outlets, or anywhere else bed bugs may hide.
  • Install Climbup Interceptors to create a barrier between the floor and bed.  In addition to the protection they offer, interceptors are a valuable monitoring device.
  • Follow-up treatments in 10 - 14 days after the initial treatment and then again in 2 weeks, if necessary.

If you’re considering a heat treatment of the entire house, then let us know.  If our approach is not right for you, then we can direct you to the most affordable and reliable heat treatment companies in our area.

  • Minimal Prep – Unlike other bed bug service companies, we do not require considerable preparation prior to most treatments, such as emptying drawers, removing electrical plates, and moving furniture!  Trash and clothing on the floors and furniture must be removed prior to treatment.  More information about the Minimal Prep Program can be found under Client Responsibilities.
  • 5 MONTH GUARANTEE – We monitor for bed bug activity for 45 days after treatment, and once we have achieved a status of "no bugs & no bites", we guarantee our service for an additional 3 months.  This guarantee is subject to resident cooperation and the accessibility of adjacent rooms and units.  More information about our requirements and exclusions can be found under 5 Month Guarantee.

5 Month Guarantee

Our 5 Month Guarantee becomes effective as of the previous treatment date when, on a follow-up visit, our technicians find no evidence of live bed bugs and the resident has not observed living bed bugs or confirmed further bites by bed bugs.

Our Guarantee Requirements:

  • All bedrooms must be treated.
  • All beds must be supported off of the floor.
  • All mattresses and box springs must be encased.
  • In multi-unit buildings, all adjoining units must be inspected and treated if evidence of bed bugs is found. 


  • High-level infestation. On the initial inspection if more than 100 bed bugs are found this is an indicator of a very high infestation that may take more time and additional services. We will discuss this with the client to find the best value and warranty. 
  • Excessive clutter (75% or greater of the floor surface covered with furniture and clutter) 
    • If the clutter is removed, then we will work with the client or tenant to eliminate the infestation by prior conditional agreement. 
  • Dropped ceiling 
    • This condition can pose severe obstacles to control. We can arrange for specific approaches to address this by prior conditional agreement. 
  • Uncooperative tenants 
  • New furniture (new or used) added to unit after treatment without arrangements to ensure no new infestation has been imported during the warranty period. 
  • Treated by another organization or self-treatment by owner or tenant that has caused the infestation to become dispersed throughout the property. 

Our 1 Year Assurance Plan might be an appropriate solution for conditions that do not meet the requirements or that fall under the exclusions of the 5 Month Guarantee.